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On this page you will find
- pictures taken at the Mueller Canada Plant in Milton Ontario
- a list of fire hydrant manufacturers, past and present, that directly or indirectly make hydrants, as found in Burlington. Many of the manufacturers listed are no longer in business, have sold their hydrant divisions, merged with others, or changed names.
Mueller Canada. Milton Ontario

Picture 1. Ready for shipping; Century hydrants. Two hose nozzles and one 100 mm Storz pumper outlet..

Picture 2. Ready for shipping; Century hydrants. Two hose nozzles and one 100 mm Storz pumper outlet.

Picture 3. Monitor Hydrants. Flanged elbow will facilitate monitor nozzle.

Picture 4. Century barrels ready for assembly.
The London Foundry Co., Ltd., London Ont.
Clow Canada
Radnor Foundry
Canron Inc.
Canada Pipe
Bibby Ste-Croix
Crane Canada
Daigle & Freres
Daigle Aqua Inc.
Concord Supply
Dominion Steel
Canada Valve & Hydrant
Philip Gies Foundry
Darling Valve & Mfg. Co
Canada Valve Inc.
Meuller Canada
McWane, Inc.
traces its origins to a mill in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,
where James McWane
was a mill worker. His grandsons Henry and
Jim helped organize the
Lynchburg Plow Works in 1896.
1854. Radnor Foundry of Trois Rivieres, QE
Canron Inc's traces back to this foundry
1834 Founding of Thomas McAvity & Company. St. Johns, NB
1960's Daigle& Freres or
Daigle Aqua started making hydrants. 1980's ceased operations
1888 Founding of the Darling Pump and Mfg. Co. in Williamsport PA.
1902. First hydrants made
1960's Stanton Pipe Ltd. name changed to Canada Pipe
1960 McAvity & Sons Ltd. sold to Crane Canada Ltd.
1980's Concord Supply was incorporated and acquired hydranr assets of Daigle Aqua
1920 Dominion Steel Products Company, Brantford ON produces Darling hydrants for Canadian market
1923: DS out of business
1985 Canron Inc. acquires Canada Pipe of Hamilton ON

1923 Canada Valve & Hydrant acquires production rights to the Darling hydrants
1989 McWane aquires Canron Pipe and
Canada Pipe
1950 Philip Gies Foundry purchases the Canada Valve & Hydrant Company
1990 Clow Canada

McWane establishes
Clow Canada through
amalgamating acquisitions
that included
T. McAvity & Sons, Ltd.
(previously a division of Crane) and Concord Daigle. The manufacturing operations
in Canada were consolidated in a
plant in St. Johns, NB

1997. Clow Canada adds Bibby hydrants to its product line
1990 Crane Canada sells McAvidy division to Clow Canada
1990 Concord- Daigle sells assets to McWane. Hydrants are now made in St. Johns NB
1956 Darling valve and Mfg. Co acquires Philip Gies Foundry and Canada Valve & Hydrant
1966. Production moved from Brantford ON to Kitchener ON
1997 Canada Pipe acquires
* Bibby Ste-Croix Foundries (1840) and acquired the Sentinel hydrant line
* Bibby Waterworks, Hamilton ON
* Bibby Foundry, Oakville ON as well as 5 other foundries
1967 Philip Gies Foundry Limited and the Canada Valve & Hydrant Company merged into Canada Valve Limited
1978. Canada Valve Foundry was closed
1980 Canada Valve Limited changed to Canada Valve Inc. Plants in Brantford and Milton ON
1912 Mueller Co. sets up shop in Sarnia Canada. Starting under the name of H. Meuller Mfg. Co. Ltd., the name was changed to Mueller Limited
1985 Mueller Limited acquires Canada Valve and the two companies were restructured, becoming Mueller Canada Inc. and Canada Valve. The Canada Valve operations split with the distribution marketing group remaining as Canada Valve and the manufacturing facility at Milton, Ontario becoming part of Mueller Canada Inc. The original Darling design hydrants are still produced by Mueller Canada.
Link to the past. This logo is a "C" and a "V". It stands for "Canada Valve" and is on the Darling models of the mid 1980's and the Century model hydrant manufactured by the Meuller Group.



The London Foundry Co., Ltd., London Ont.
1880 The London Foundry was located on King Street at the river in downtown London from about 1880 to about 1930. It produced a wide range of castings as shown on this trade card. By 1909, or earlier, fire hydrants were added to the line of products.

Manufactured by the
London Foundry Ltd.
London Ont.

Willis Chapman
Engineer 1909
This 1909 hydrant made by The London Foundry was one of the first hydrants installed in Burlington