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The date on the picture is 16 August, 2004. That is when the paint on the foundry marks was removed to find out how old the hydrant was. As a faithful sentry, it had been sitting beside my workshop for almost 30 years, never touched it, never cleaned it.
When I acquired the hydrant I was told that it came from Burlington's first waterworks project on Elgin Street. The front reads: Manufactured by the London Foundry Co. Ltd. London Ont. The back: Willis Chipman Engeneer 1909. Willis Chipman, P.Eng, a graduate of McGill University in about 1860, was probably Canada's first consulting engineer in private practice. He was deeply involved in what was then known as sanitary engineering, and laid the foundation for standards in drinking water and waste water systems in Canada. He worked on over 50 waterworks and sewage projects in the province.
Historically significant and removed-from-service hydrants have typically been melted down as scrap. Hydrant collecting, therefore, has become the primary means by which this part of fire service history can be preserved. Over time we hope to restore all hydrants in our collection to their former glory.
1909 Hydrant. Acquired: 18 December, 1975.
Date: 1909. Added to collection: 19 December, 1975. Height: 85 cm. (33.5"). Weight: 135 lbs.
Removed from service
: 1974????? From: Elgin Street.

Manufacturer: London Foundry Ltd. London Ont. On barrel back: Willis Chipman, Engeneer, 1909
Nozzles: 2 x??. Barrel: 1 pc. design.
In the first picture the hydrant is still 'planted' firmly next to the workshop. Several layers of paint were removed using Lepage Poly safe-t-strippa, a putty knife and wire brushes. Steel wool was used on the brass fittings. The next picture shows the hydrant after it was lifted out of the ground. For the first time in almost 30 years the hydrant shed a lot of weight. I used a cement cutting blade and my circular saw to cut off the "in-ground" section of the barrel.
Date: Around 1968. Diameter:
Manufacturer: Stoermer Bell & Brass Foundry. Breslau ON
Markings: On the back: Stoermer