Magnetic Hill
Burlington, Ontario
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Go north on King Road. Pass 1st. Bayview Park
At the 2nd. Bayview Park sign the road
makes a sharp turn to the right.
As soon as you go around the bend you will see
the crest of two small hills. Stop at the second
one and you are looking down Magnetic Hill.
At the bottom of the hill you will see this sign
on the left. Only if it is safe to do so, turn around
here or at a driveway
down the road. Stop at the sign. You are now
facing south and parked at the bottom of the hill.
STOP! .Do not proceed. First read 'Warning' and 'Instructions' by clicking here.

Looking down, facing north (Escarpment). The first car has made it almost to the top. The second car has
to go another 33 m. (100 feet) to the reach the bottom of the hill. The 'start line' is where Ontario Hydro has
posted the 'Motorized Vehicles Prohibited' sign at the entrance to their right-of-way.

Looking up, facing south (Bayview Park). The bottom of the hill is approximately 40 m. (120 feet) back
from the yellow Deer Crossing sign shown on the right. After reaching the top have one more look back
and you will have to agree that Burlington's Magnetic Hill is indeed the most powerful Magnetic Hill
you ever have been on! Before leaving the hill area make sure to stop at Bayview Park and enjoy the view of downtown Burlington, the Skyway Bridge and Lake Ontario.
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