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Signage: Fiske
Photo credit: CrowsnestHwy

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Fiske - Saskatchewan
Photo © Don Wilson

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Area Information
- Fiske is a hamlet in Pleasant Valley. In 2016, it had a population of 65. The hamlet is located approximately 53.7 kilometres (33.4 mi) east of Kindersley and 30.6 kilometres (19.0 mi) west of Rosetown on Highway 7.
- Grain farming, ranching, and trades are the main sectors in which Fiskinites are employed. Oil and gas is another source of income that has recently opened up in the area.
- The Fiske Mennonite Church traces its beginning to coming of the Mennonites from the Soviet Union to the Herschel, Saskatchewan area in the winter of 1924-1925. In 1925 they organized the congregation known as the Ebenfeld Mennonite Church and joined the Conference of Mennonites. . Wikipedia

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