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Standpipe Information
Location: 18 Duke-of-Kent Avenue
Signage: Windmill logo
Built: 1954
Height: 39.5 m. Diameter: 14 meter
Capacity: 6,118,900 liters

Photo credt: City of Pointe-Claire
taken on October 5, 2005

Pointe-Claire - (Montral) Quebec
Photo © City of Pointe-Clare

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Area Information
The arrival of French settlers in Pointe-Claire began in 1698-1699. By 1706, clearing had progressed sufficiently for a road to be built along the shore from La Présentation to the tip of the island.
- Initially founded under the name of Saint-François de Sales in 1713, the parish was dedicated to Saint Joachim the following year. In 1834, Monseigneur Signay issued the decree for the canonical erection of the parish. Pointe-Claire became a civil entity in 1845 and was designated as a municipality in 1854.
City of Pointe-Claire

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