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Walkerton - Southwestern Ontario
Bruce County. Photo © Mark Visser

Standpipe Information

Location: Wallace St. @ Hwy. 9
Signage: Walkerton "We'd love the pleasure of your copany"
Height: 26.2 m. Diameter: 8.5 m.
Capacity: 1,486,000 liters

Standpipe Information
Location: Cunningham Road
Signage: Walkerton
Height: 20.2 m. Diameter: 14.6 m.
Capacity: 3,380,000 liters

Watermark CSP only on pictures

Area information
This is the infamous water tower of Walkerton. For weeks it was shown on TVs all over the world. In May of 2000, the worst case ever recorded of ecoli broke out caused by contamination of the water system. When it was all over, it left seven dead & over two thousand others sick.
Walkerton is a small township in the municipality of Brockton, 180 kilometres (110 mi) northwest of Toronto. Although Walkerton was never incorporated as a village, it became a town in 1871. Wikipedia
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