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Location: Ebenezer Street W.
Signage: Ridgetown

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Ridgetown - Southwestern Ontario
Chatham-Kent County. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
Ridgetown, like most farming communities in Southwestern Ontario, was established late in the 19th century by English settlers that swarmed into the area after the war of 1812. Talbot Trail (Hwy 3), south of Ridgetown, follows the Lake Erie shoreline from Windsor to Niagara Falls and was the main passageway for travellers and settlers over 100 years ago. Houses such as the Ridge House Museum is typical of what was built between 1872 and the 1890s. Most were middle class homes that cost around $200 to construct. Coal oil provided light, streets were just dirt pathways and animals roamed the town. The name of Ridgetown came from it being situated on a gravel ridge, a remnant of the glacier age. Ridgetown

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