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Orillia - Ontario
Simcoe County. Photo © Mark Visser

Tower Information
Location: Brenner Street
Signage: Orillia
Built: ? Decommissioned 1980
Height: Capacity:
Photo credit City of Orillia

Reservoir Information (09-2005)
Location: West of Hwy. 11
Signage: Orillia Incorporated 1867
Built: 1967
Height: 19.9 m. Diametre: 24.4 m.
Capacity: 9,260,000 liters

Area information
Orillia was founded as a village in 1867 and incorporated as a town in 1875.  Early history of the area includes visits from Samuel de Champlain nearly 400 years ago. Orillia was incorporated as a city in 1969. Orillia is also known as the birthplace of Gordon Lightfoot and Franklin Carmichael, one of the Group of Seven. The city remains an important stop on the Trent-Severn Waterway. City of Orillia
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