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Orangeville - Southwestern Ontario
Dufferin County. Photo © Mark Visser

Tower Information

Location: Montgomery Blvd.
Signage: Orangeville
Built: 1999

Height: 36.58 meters
5,682,612 liters

Standpipe Information
Location: Commerce Road
Signage: Orangeville

Area information
In 1837 George Grigg bought 100 acres and in 1844 Orange Lawrence and his wife, Sarah, arrived from Connecticut. On his arrival he bought 300 acres. He laid out the southeast part of town, bought Grigg's Mill, opened a general store and built a second mill. He became the village's first postmaster in 1847. So strong was the mark he left on this community that everyone agreed Orangeville was a most appropriate name. Immigrants from Ulster as well as other parts of the British Isles and Canada arrived throughout the 1840s and 1850s. In 1868 the Toronto, Grey, & Bruce Railway (TG&B) a narrow gauge line that would run from Toronto to Owen Sound was promoted. This line would pass through Orangeville. The old town of Orangeville today is still very much alive. Town of Orangeville
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