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North Bay - Northern Ontario
Photo © City of North Bay (L), and Bobby Sinclair (R)

Standpipe Information
Location: Birch Road
Signage: North Bay
Built: around 1985. Height: 40 meters
Capacity: 2,000,000 liters

Tower Information (10-2007)
Signage: JM
Location: The abandoned Johns-Manville plant that used asbestos for making transite water pipes and other asbestos products

Area information
Located a short 3 ½ hour drive or a quick 45 minute flight from either Toronto or Ottawa. North Bay hosts the largest annual combined fur auction in North America. Ringette was invented in North Bay by Sam Jacks in 1963. Jacks, the late Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of North Bay, introduced the game to the Northern Ontario Directors Municipal Recreation Association. The first European explorer to the North Bay area was Samuel de Champlain in 1615. The city began as a village and trading centre in 1851. Incorporated as a city in 1925. City of North Bay
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