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Mount Albert - Southwestern Ontario
Town of East Gwillimbury. York Region. Photo © Mark Visser

Tower Information

Location: 2 Hi-View Drive
Built: 1979
Height: 34 meters
Capacity: 909,000 liters

Tower Information
Location: Ninth Line
Signage: Town of East Gwillimbury
Built: 204
Height: 38 meters
Capacity: 2,727,000 liters

Area information
Mount Albert is a community located within the Town of East Gwillimbury and is part of York Region. It is located about 65 km N of Toronto, about 15 km S of Sutton and N of Markham. Mount Albert is accessible by Highway 404.
In 1821, Samuel and Rufus Birchard, Quakers from Vermont, bought parcels of land, and by 1850, a village had developed. Originally the settlement was called Birchardville. The name was later changed to Mount Albert, named after then Prince Albert, Prince of Wales. The first store was built in 1850. The main north west road in the village, Centre Street, was built along the path of an Algonquin Indian trail. Wikipedia
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