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Tower Information
Signage: MacTier
Built: 1998
Capacity: 1,200,000 liters

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MacTier - Southeastern Ontario
District of Muskoka. Photo © Trish Thomton

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Area Information
MacTier is located just off of Highway 400 between Port Severn-Honey Harbour and Parry Sound. Muskoka has some 1,600 lakes, making it a popular cottaging destination.
Following the American War of Independence, the British North America government feared invasion from its new neighbour to the south. The authorities began exploring the region, hoping to develop a settled population. The passage of the Free Grants and Homestead Act of 1868, opened the era of widespread settlement to Muskoka. Settlers could receive free land if they agreed to clear the land, have at least 15 acres (6.1 ha) under cultivation, and build a 16x20 ft, or 320-square-foot (30 m2) house. Wikipedia

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