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M'Chigeeng (West Bay) - Northern Ontario
Manitoulin Island.. Photo © Bob Foster

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Area Information
M'Chigeeng First Nation, also known as West Bay, is an Ojibwe First Nation band government in the Manitoulin District of Ontario, Canada. Total registered population as of September, 2007, was 2251 people, of which their on-reserve population was 882.
The second largest First Nation on Manitoulin Island was settled in the middle of the 19th century when many Anishinabek from the north shore area relocated.  M’Chigeeng is now home to the Anishinabek of the Three Fires Confederacy: Odawa, Ojibway and the Pottawattomi Nations. The total Registered Population of M'Chigeeng First Nation 2,543 - (Source: INAC) M'Chigeeng Nation

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