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Kitchener - Ontario
Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Photo © Mark Visser

Tower Information

Location: 180 Sportsworld Drive
Signage: Region of waterloo Kitchener
Built: 1993
Height: 48.77 meters
Capacity: 6,819,135 liters

Tower Information
Location: 100 George Street
Built: 1927. Decommissioned: 12-2006
Height: 31.39 meters
Capacity: 3,864,176 liters

Area information
Kitchener is a city in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario. Located approximately 100 km (62 mi) west of Toronto, It was called the Town of Berlin from 1854 until 1912 and the City of Berlin from 1912 until 1916. Kitchener and Waterloo are considered "twin cities" which are often referred to jointly as "Kitchener–Waterloo", . including Cambridge. All are part of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, which was created in 1973, when it replaced Waterloo County, which had been created in 1853. Kitchener, has the strongest German heritage because of the high levels of settlement in this area by German speaking immigrants. Wikipedia
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