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Signage: Kingsville, Port of Appeal

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Kingsville - Ontario
Essex County. Photo © Adam Schiefer

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Area Information
Kingsville is located along the north shore of Lake Erie. It is a community in the Essex County region. Kingsville has a unique location as the most southern town in Canada.
First known as the Township of Gosfield , the community was settled by United Empire Loyalists of primarily German ancestry along the shore of Lake Erie and by British immigrants along the Talbot Trail.
Three well-known men were influential in shaping the Town. James King, the community's founder, gave Kingsville it's name, while Hiram Walker capitalized on its tourism potential by building the famous Mettawas Hotel in 1889. Walker also built a railway line, known as the L.E.E. & D.R.R., from Windsor to Kingsville in 1888. Town of Kingsville

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