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Reservoir Information
name: Todd Hill Reservoir
Built: 1988
Photo credit: Town of St. Stephen

This is one of a handful lisings on this site where the object is neither a water tower nor standpipe.

St. Stephen - New Brunswick
Charlotte County. Photo © Town of St. Stephen

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Area Information
- Location:
St. Stephen is located on the east bank of the St. Croix River which marks the border with the USA.
- After the end of the American Revolutionary War in 1780, Loyalists settled in St. Stephen and started to make it one of the Northeast’s major lumbering and shipbuilding centers.
- The communities of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick have shared lives as “border towns” in a most neighbourly fashion. In fact, in 1812 the people of St. Stephen loaned Calais sufficient gunpowder to celebrate the 4th of July while both countries were technically at war.
- St. Stephen was incorporated as a town in 1871. Town of St. Stephen

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