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Standpipe Information
Built: 1950
Height: 33.5 m. Diameter: 6.07 m.
Capacity: 1,250,175 liters

St. George - New Brunswick
Charlotte County. Photo © Town of St. George

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Area Information
- Location:
It started in 1783, when a group of United Empire Loyalists, led by Peter Clinch, emigrated from the United States and ended up climbing the steep bank from the lower Magaguadavic River at the foot of what is now Clinch Street. Mr. Clinch received a grant for the land that was to become St. George in 1784. St. George ‘came of age’ with incorporation in 1904.
- The area was for years the center of the granite industry in New Brunswick. The area came into production in 1872. The typical St. George granite is bright red in colour, but many different shades occur in the district. Info and photo courtesy of Town of St. George

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