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Carberry - Manitoba
Photo © Bob Hill

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The town is 50 km east of Brandon
Between 1878 and 1890, thousands of settlers from the East moved to take up the 160 acre homesteads offered by the government of John A MacDonald to settle the Big Plains. Their wives and children began to arrive in 1879.
- The town of Carberry owes its origin to the CPR, as well as to the RM’s enterprising settlers. In 1882, the CPR established a station at De Winton, a small town-site about 1 1/2 miles east of the town’s present site.
- Several of the railway’s officials quietly purchased much of De Winton’s town-site property, hoping for great profit as the town grew. Such speculation was strictly against the Railway’s company rules, however, and on discovering the violation, the Railway Company, using 100 hired men, in one night physically moved the new station to the present site of the town of Carberry! Town of Carberry

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