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Swanton - Ohio
Swanton & Fulton Counties. Photo © Mark Visser

Area Information
A post office called Swanton has been in operation since 1827. The village takes its name from nearby Swan Creek.

History: As the Ohio Territory became populated, it was only natural for the Township form to become the basic unit of government. In 1804, the elected officials of a Township consisted of three Trustees, a Clerk, Overseers of the poor, Supervisors of highways, and a Justice of the Peace.

n the summer of 1837, and for several years thereafter, Chief Ottokee of the Ottawa Indians and a part of his tribe lived on the North half of the SE quarter of Sec 5. He owned the place and occupied a house there, which was built by a Mr. Halford in 1835. The Indians hunted and sometimes sold a side of venison for 25 cents, often trading for vegetables. Most of the trading was done by the squaws. When the balance of his tribe were removed West, Chief Ottokee refused to go. He remained and later died here in Swanton Township.
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