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Pleasantville - Ohio
Fairfield County. Photo © Mark Visser

Area Information
Pleasantville was laid out in 1828. A post office has been in operation at Pleasantville since 1828.

In 1807 Walnut Township was erected from the northern part of Pleasant Township.  In 1886 the Village of Pleasantville was established and sits on the Pleasant and Walnut Townships boundary line. Prior to being officially named Pleasantville, the area was originally called “New Boston” but was changed to Pleasantville prior to it legally becoming a village.
The land for the elementary school was transferred to the Pleasantville School system by James and Mary Hampson in 1877. 

The rural schools of Snake Run, Eight Corners, Baptist Corner, and Grange Hall were brought to Pleasantville in the 1920’s. Then Ziegler, Mock, Oakthorpe and Salem Schools also joined the Pleasantville School District.  Pleasantville and Rushville School districts consolidated in 1957 to become the Fairfield Union Local School District, named after the academy.

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