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Montgomery County - Ohio
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Area Information
Montgomery County is located in the western part of the Ohio.
The county seat is Dayton.
Residents named the county in honor of Richard Montgomery, a general of the American Revolution, who was killed in 1775 while attempting to capture Quebec City, Canada.

On March 24, 1803, the Ohio legislature authorized the creation of Montgomery County. Previously, the county had been parts of Ross and Hamilton Counties. Wilbur and Orville Wright owned a bicycle shop in Dayton, the county seat, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It was here that the Wrights developed the first powered aircraft to fly successfully.
Montgomery County is located in western Ohio.
Montgomery County flourished during the nineteenth century. With the completion of the Miami and Erie Canal in 1829, Dayton was connected to Cincinnati.
Besides the Wright brothers, Montgomery County also was home to Ohio Governors James Cox and Charles Anderson. Paul Laurence Dunbar, a noted African American author and poet lived in Dayton as well.
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