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It is still possible to find the odd stump fences on the back roads in farm country. I came across the one pictured below and just felt like adding it to the fencing section, but a stump fence is not by any stretch of imagination, your common suburban fence. This type of fence is most likely the first kind of boundary fence constructed in North America. The remaining stump fences are well over a hundred years old and most likely will still be useful and in good condition a few hundred years from now.
Stump fences, as their name implies, were made by dragging the stumps of trees to the edge of a field and placing them side by side. The interlocking roots were facing outward and the trunks inward thereby forming an effective barrier to keep farm animals on the property.
After the trees were cut the stumps were left in the ground for six to ten years before they were loose enough to be pulled out and hauled away.
The fence requires little, if any, maintenance. A stump fence, bleached by sun and rain, needs no mending and may last "forever"

Stump fence
How is this for pay... twenty-five cents a stump was the standard price in 1850 when men with a mechanical stump remover could extract from twenty to fifty stumps a day.

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