Burlington's History - Pioneer Villages and Hamlets
Present-day Burlington was in the early 1800's known as Nelson Township. It was comprised of several small towns, villages and hamlets. Some of these communities are still around today but many have unfortunately disappeared over the years. However, some traces are still visible today (2003/2004) as is evident in the pictures shown on this site.
Most of the structures photographed are well known and can be found easily just by driving down the paved road. Others are harder to find. Our search for the forgotten remnants of our past took us up long driveways, across farmers' fields and down into valleys carved out by the very same creeks that gave birth to our pioneer communities. The villages of Aldershot, Port Nelson and Wellington Square are well documented by others and are not included in our research. Kilbride will be on-line soon.

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Maps of our Pioneer Villages
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