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Flaws - Dumb/Silly/Bad behavior - Not Senior Friendly

some are hard to spot, others are more obvious
Manulife Financial - Flexcare - "Done Like Dinner"
See ad on YouTube "Done Like Dinner"
Observation * Burned food dish placed on kitchen table.
* Table cloth is accidentially pulled off the table.
* Dog takes off with some of the meat.
* Dog sound asleep with lots of bones strewn around.
Flaw - 1 Impossible scenario. There is no kitchen table cloth when food from the oven is placed on the table.
Install table cloth before shooting the commercial.
Flaw - 2 Miraculous there is now a table cloth. It is quite clear that the lady grabs the chair and pulls off the table cloth.
Lady trips over some toy on the floor, falls towards the tabe and grabs chair/table to steady herself.
Flaw - 3 Dog takes off with one piece of meat but there are enough bones scathered around to suggest he/she ate the entire turkey.
Comments * No kitchen table cloth, impossible to have a disaster except for the burned food.
* Lady should have tripped over something instead of just walking to the table and pulling off the table cloth that was not there before.
* Dog took one piece of meat. One or two bones would have been enough.
* Showing a dog in the ad stealing piping hot food is not a good idea because eating hot food may burn it's digestive tract making it nauseated and vomit.
* YouTube title: Manulife Flexcare "Done Like Dinner". Real dumb title. Do customers get the same service from Manulife as the meat in the oven, get burned????
Overall rating Dumb. Bad planning, bad script.

Dumb/Silly/Bad hehavior
silly acting - talking fruits/animals - dumb script - don't imitate behavior or act as shown in commercial. Unlawful
Credit Karma - Credit score - "Hard Inquiry"
See ad on YouTube Credit Karma: Hard Inquiry
Observation * Two friends sitting on a park bench. The one on the left is checking her credit score.
* The one sitting on the right grabs phone and throws it in nearby water.
* The wet phone is returned to its owner.
Flaw - Very unnatural behavior of two friends (?)
- Can't hear phone landing in the water
- The girl on the right is a bully
Comments * Ad is shot in a park. Phone should have ended up in a pond or creek and not in a bucket with water.
* The script would have been more believable if the girl who's phone was taken away had jumped up, run to the water's edge and stare in disbelieve at the air bubbles where the phone went down.
Overall rating Dumb. People do not act and react that way. "Bullies" behavior
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Not "Senior friendly"
subjects and text moving too fast - not enough time to observe