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Grading and comments are on the appearance and script used for the TV commercials.

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The best and worst TV commercials

For most of my professional career I owned and operated a pre-purchase home inspection company and maintain a website called UnderstandingYourHome. It was my job to look for any potential problems and then discuss and advise the home buyer on making repairs and offering maintenance tips to prevent problems from popping up in the future.
I still have a critical eye when I'm watching TV ads. I have to give credit where credit is due. Some commercials are brilliant by design while others are outright funny and make me chuckle every I watch the ad. However, there are many TV commercials that have major design flaws where events are not shown in cronicle order or where "actors" do not behave and/or act like normal people.

Generally speaking a TV commercial should be able to pursuade the vieuwer to purchase a service, idea or product.
Depending on the product or service offered the TV ad should be informative and use common sense. In my opinion, acting silly, being obnoxious or outricht dumb is not the right way to entice smart viewers to buy a product or service.

It amazes me that only a handful of TV commercials are "senior friendly". These ads go at a slower speed so comsumers in this age group have time to write down phone contact or other important information.

It boggles my mind why corporations shell out large amount of money to Ad Agencies who produce for bad commercials and have people on their payroll who approve these ads.

Good - Excellent - Brilliant - Senior Friendly Dumb - Silly - Bad - Reckless - Not Senior friendly

ALPHABETICAL INDEX of all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
bellairdirect insurance Coverage Advisor featuring Lynn Crawford
comwave home phone Comwave Home Phone Commercial
Credit Karma "Hard Inquiry". Credit score - friend's phone thrown in water
Manulife Financial - FlexCare "Done Like Dinner". Kitchen disaster - burned food
trivago- Great Hotel, Best Price Find your ideal hotel at the best price